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Thread Challenge

19th Sep


As part of our New Beginnings assembly theme, classes were given the challenge of finding something new to do with a very old reel of thread. They came up with some amazing ideas. Well done and thank you.



Pin Art                                               3W's Fishing Rod                             4E's Bottle Insulator


3F's Grape Necklace                        4W's Water Collage                        6F's Team Spirit


6W's Spider Web


Bobby Wins Tumble

13th Sep


Many congratulations to ex-pupil Bobby Lockwood for winning the gymnastics competition Tumble tonight. A truly inspiring performance. 


Since leaving our school Bobby has already supported year 6 literacy by talking to pupils about the characters he plays and he has helped to motivate year 5 boys with their reading.




Baby Reilly

29th Aug


Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Reilly on the birth of their daughter Lucy Amelia.






18th Jul



The final assembly for our year 6s and goodbye to Mrs Cole, Mrs Hernaman, Mrs Collins, Mrs See and Mr Williams. Just in case Mr Williams misses Mr Martin he received an everlasting reminder! 





The Songwriting Charity came in to run a Bully Beat workshop with some of our pupils. They spent the entire day composing the lyrics and tune for their song 'All Alone'. You can watch their video here





16th Jul


Our year 6 leavers put on an amazing performance of Joseph and his technicolour dreamcoat.


Joseph & his brothers with dad.                                      Singing narrators.

Rest of the cast.


WJS Podcast

13th Jul


Year 4 pupils with a flair for ICT have been working with Mr Williams over the last half term to produce a podcast about our school. Listen to it here 




Wat Tyler

10th Jul




Year 3 visited Wat Tyler country park to learn about animals and their habitats. They had a great time!



Barnards Farm

7th Jul 


Year 5 visited Barnards Farm to study the sculptures. Some were amazing!!





Summer Fun Evening

4th Jul







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