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My Learning is a secure website which can only be accessed with your child's log in details. Your child's class teacher will be able to help if your child has forgotten.
It contains useful weblinks to help with schoolwork and it is a safe environment for children to message each other.
You can also access ESPRESSO at home through your My Learning account.
  • It’s best not to give out your personal details online to your mates.

  • Personal stuff includes your messenger id, email address,mobile number and any pictures of you, your family or friends.

  • If you publish a picture or video online, anyone can change it or share it.

  • SPAM/junk email & texts: don’t believe it, don’t reply to it, don’t use it.

  • It’s not a good idea to open files from people you don’t know. You won’t know what they contain: it could be a virus, or worse, an inappropriate image or film.

  • It’s easier to get on with people online and say stuff you wouldn’t offline.

  • Some people lie online.

  • It’s better to keep online mates online. Don’t meetup with any strangers without an adult you trust knowing or being with you. Better to be uncool than unsafe!

  • It’s never too late to tell someone if something makes you feel uncomfortable.

  • There are people who can help, report online child abuse, or get more advice and support from your teachers or parents. gives useful advice for making the internet safe for your child
Please note: Children should be over 13 years old to have a facebook account.